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Oasis Subdivision Bacolod City – A Much Closer Look

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Oasis Subdivision Bacolod City can be defined as among the best places to live in the flourishing City of Smiles. It has the features that will make you stand proud and tall being one of the owners of the finely-built houses that meets the demands of the times, and at the same time, providing families with the convenience and comfort that they need. It is strategically located in Brgy. Mansilingan and is only a few minutes away from the city’s main thoroughfares.

The subdivision sits in a sprawling 18 hectare lot that has been developed to match the requirements of families who desire a luxurious living. The frontage is an attractive work of masonry, highlighting the meaning of what Oasis is all about. A separate entrance and exit roads were built to ensure that visitors who would like to enter the subdivision are well-accounted for. This has been purposefully designed to make sure that homeowners remain safe within the subdivision premises. In addition, the entire area is gated, thereby making it a secure place for the family.

From the main road going to Murcia, you will easily notice the magnificent edifice of the clubhouse of Oasis Subdivision Bacolod. A combination of cream and slightly pinkish-orange hue makes the clubhouse a beauty of its own. The stone claddings beautifully accentuating the pillars and the base of the structure reflect fine architecture that mesmerizes the eyes. A basketball court is adjacent to the clubhouse, where homeowners will be able to enjoy a game and simply have fun over the weekend. For those who would like to stretch some muscles and feel cool relaxing waters, the swimming pool is always open. There’s the adult pool and a smaller one for children. And, since the there is a wide space in the clubhouse, parties and any other kind of gathering will not be a problem.

Oasis Subdivision Bacolod City is probably one of the areas where you will actually get to breathe fresh air. The breeze is constantly blowing throughout the subdivision, so regardless of the time of day, you would feel less hotter as compared to staying in other locations in the city. This also means that there is no need for you to turn on the air conditioner 24/7. Overall, you will get to experience living the good life by settling in Oasis. Nothing simply comes close to living in such a beautiful enclave.

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Oasis Bacolod

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