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Galeno Family (Sheryl, Clarace, Harly)

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Affordability and aesthetics, are the things that Elena can bring every family that yearns for a home. It is the most affordable among the model houses in Oasis, yet it exhibits grand features similar to other houses in this luxurious enclave. It has a floor area of 45 sq. m. and provides families

with a relaxing and conducive environment.



House features of Elena house model - Oasis Subdivision, Bacolod City, are as follows:

  • One (1) bedroom
  • One (1) toilet & bath
  • Living area
  • Dining area
  • Kitchen area
  • Laundry & service area
  • One (1) car garage

House finishes of Elena house model - Oasis Subdivision, Bacolod City:

  • Pre-painted long span rooftile roofing
  • Aluminum powder coated white sliding windows
  • Panel, flush & pvc door
  • Painted exterior & interior walls
  • Granite slab kitchen counter top
  • Tiled toilet & bath
  • Tiled floor finish
  • Featured stone cladding
  • Cement fiber ceiling board
  • Painted kitchen & closet cabinets
  • Cable & telephone line provision

Start building your dreams for your family right here at Oasis Subdivision, Bacolod City.

House Price: P 953,955.00

Downpayment (20%): P 190,791.00


* Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Actual computation will come from the DPRC Office.

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